Time Away From It All

“Every exit is an entry somewhere else.” -Tom Stoppard

On I-59, a little south of Chattanooga, there is an exit in Georgia that I have passed many times. I have probably even stopped there a time or two for gas or something to drink. However, in all of the times of passing by this exit, I never really paid attention to it.

Last June, Hubby and I wanted to spend quality time together outdoors, maybe go to Fort Payne to see Little River Canyon, grab a bite at Jefferson’s before heading home…just a little day trip and some ‘us time’. Called mom on the way out, to let her know where we were headed in case we were needed or didn’t have a signal if anyone called, and she said “why not go to Cloudland since you are headed up that way?” Cloudland? What the heck is Cloudland?

Well, let me tell you!

Cloudland Canyon State Park in Rising Fawn, Georgia is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL 3,488 acre park with camping, biking (they have rentals!), hiking, fishing and climbing. We hiked down to one of two amazing waterfalls, where we enjoyed the coolness of the shade and the sound/sight of the water rushing down the side of the mountain to splash into the small pond at the base. So beautiful. Don’t hike down if you aren’t ready for the hike up though! There are stairs…lots and lots of stairs…to make the going a little easier, but keep in mind that it’s a steep trip back up the mountain and one heck of a hike. Especially if you go down to see both of the waterfalls! It’s definitely worth it though! After a long day in Cloudland, we decided to take to short drive up to Chattanooga (yes, it’s that close) to wander around town for a little while and grab a quick bit to eat at Big River Grill and Brewing, (which has pretty good food, by the way) before heading home.

My parents, daughter and I went in October, spending a three day weekend in one of the cabin rentals. Again, worth every bit. We hiked during the day and spent the evenings playing cards and board games. It was incredibly nice to get away from the phones, computers and televisions for awhile. Not that they aren’t accessible there. There are TV’s in the cabins and plenty of phone signal in the area, but the best way to enjoy this area is to use your cell phone for taking pictures and not for talking! The cabin we stayed in was a cute little two bedroom, one bath, with a kitchen, living room with fireplace, and two full size beds in each bedroom. Our last night there a storm came through, knocking a few trees down and raged all around us while we sat warm and cozy inside by the fire. Don’t forget that you are in the woods though, as there were a couple of scorpions in the cabin and something gnawing to get in sometime after midnight of our last night there! Just sitting here thinking about those beautiful views, I can’t wait to head back once I’m able!


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