She’s Tall, She’s Beautiful, and She Has Fangs?

”The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” -Marcel Proust

I know that I have written about New Orleans a few times, but there is so much to the city you not only cannot possibly see and do everything in one visit, you also cannot possibly tell all about it in one post.

When we visit New Orleans we always try to visit somewhere new. Whether it be a restaurant, museum, or park, we try to do something different every time in order to better know the city. As many visits as we have had to New Orleans, we still have yet to see and do everything. Not even close! There are so many wonderful sights, restaurants, and stores! One of these wonderful stores we tried a few years back and it has become an every trip stop. Boutique du Vampyre ( is a great little vampire shop on St. Ann in the French Quarter. The owner, Marita Woywood Crandle, is very welcoming to everyone who comes in the door, whether you believe in vampires or not. If you like reading books about New Orleans and vampires, she is definitely the person to see. She once told me that what sets her apart from other stores as far as the books are concerned…they are all autographed by the author. A few must-reads that she carries…New Orleans Vampires, History and Legend by Marita Woywood Crandle (yes, the owner…who better to write a book about it?!), The Casquette Girls and The Romeo Catchers by Alys Arden, and The Lost Reflection, Invierea and The Darkest Season by Bruce T. Jones. These are a few of my favorites anyway! Don’t like vampires? Don’t let that stop you from dropping into this unique little store. The boutique carries items crafted by local artists, from jewelry to wine, and I’m sure you will find something you don’t want to live without. Really into vampires and want to see if you have what it takes? They also have a Fangsmith to fit you for your own custom fangs! Whatever your reason for visiting, this is a great little place you won’t want to miss and an experience you will never forget.

Oh, and ask her for a map to the city. Not of the city, to the city. And make sure you listen to how she tells you to go.

See you in the dark!


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