“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -St. Augustine

As a teenager moving to Alabama I learned early on that there are only two football teams that matter and you better choose one of them. Also as a teenager I chose the team my parents had NOT chosen, Alabama Crimson Tide. Roll Tide Roll. In Alabama you are either an Auburn fan or an Alabama fan. If you choose a team other than one of these, prepare to be snubbed altogether. Also keep in mind while choosing that in every other state you are cold shouldered if you choose the University of Alabama. People HATE the Crimson Tide. Because they are winners? Probably. Because some of the fans are sore winners? Most likely. Personally, I could care less. I like Alabama and I am a Tide fan, but I am all for other teams as long as they aren’t playing Alabama…including Auburn. Roll Eagle Roll.

I have been to a single game at the University of Alabama and I think they were playing Western Kentucky. It was VERY hot that day and the stands were full because ticket prices were down with it being a minor game. Alabama was STOMPING Western Kentucky, making it a pretty boring game. I can honestly say, I saw very little plays that day. Not that I don’t like football. I do. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of Western Kentucky’s mascot, The Blob. Have you seen it?! It’s horrendous!!! Small children should not be subjected to such! We couldn’t stop laughing!! I will stop there and let you make your own mind up of what it looks like when you see it for yourself.

I digress. Fast forward 18 months. Hubs and I went back to Tuscaloosa for a day trip and to visit the Paul W. Bryant Museum. Opened in 1988, this small museum houses the history of Alabama football and it’s coaches, emphasizing on legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant. The museum is located on campus, across from the baseball stadium and football practice area. Inside the museum you will find all kinds of things, from a sweater worn by Samuel Byron Slone in 1896, the football from Alabama’s first Victory against Auburn in 1894, the All Southern Trophy from 1929, all the way up to The Coaches Trophy Crystal Football from 2012. While this is an Alabama Crimson Tide museum, football fans from any team will enjoy this little gem of history.

As always, we stopped somewhere new (to me) for lunch, and grabbed a bite to eat at Archibald and Woodrow’s BBQ. Don’t let the exterior keep you from enjoying this yummy goodness. Owner Woodrow Washington III opened his restaurant in 2002, following his grandparent’s recipes and slow cooking style from the original Archibald’s in Northport Alabama, where they have been serving ribs in a small cinder block building since 1962.

As much as I enjoyed this little trip down football history lane, and the lunch from Archibald’s, this isn’t a place I would plan a complete day trip to. This trip is more of a stop on your way through town, maybe come to catch a football, baseball or basketball game, but still something you wouldn’t want to miss.



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